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“I worked with Jack in both middle and upper school in band, jazz band, and several other ensembles and as his classroom music teacher. He is one of the most talented and dedicated musicians I have worked with in my 28 year teaching career. He is excellent on drums, percussion, and piano and is a great leader and team player. His sight reading is stellar and his creativity and improvisation is as well. He has perfect pitch and great natural rhythm. He will surely succeed in whatever area of music he decides to pursue after college. Our band was a multiple award winner in his years at McLean, and that was due, in a large part to his talent, dedication, and spirit.”


--Vincent McCool, Instrumental Director, McLean School of Maryland


“I have had the pleasure of working with Jack Kerness for the past ten years and have had the opportunity to observe his incredible progress and musicianship during that time.

Jack is one of the most talented, hard-working, and intellectually curious students I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is not only a gifted percussionist, but an excellent pianist, music director, composer, and colleague. His musicianship demonstrates a maturity and aesthetic far beyond his years.”


--Dr. Lee Hinkle, Co-Director of Percussion Studies, University of Maryland School of Music


"Percussionist and drummer Jack Kerness is one of the most talented, gifted, and hard working students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. I have been working with Jack for over a decade and his dedication to his craft just continues to grow and inspires me in the process. Whatever he is preparing for, whether it be a professional engagement, a solo performance, or a private lesson he always gives it his all and strives to be his best.

In addition to percussion and drum set he has experience and excels in the areas of music direction, composition, and piano performance. On top of all of this he is just a wonderful person! He is surely an asset to the musical community and I am so excited to see where his career takes him!"


--Dr. Danny Villanueva, Professor and Percussionist, University of Maryland School of Music

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